Our Approach

Apart from Mining ventures; CoalDunia with its extensive network of small and big miners and coal traders facilitate coal sourcing from North East India. CoalDunia is a single window destination for coal supply from Assam, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. CoalDunia with its mining ventures in the North East India is a leading coal trading entity from this region. The coal mining scenario in North East India different from that of rest of India. Certain states in north east India, has its own coal policy which promotes coal mining as per terms of special provisions of Indian constitution. The Mining scenario is dominated by small players with limited production capabilities, thereby making it difficult for buyers / end users to procure coal. CoalDunia, with its experience in coal assists the genuine buyers from rest of India, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal for procuring coal from north east India.

Our Services

Service highlights :-

* Providing strategy for coal sourcing for specific industries
* Quality assessment of coal from Vendor
*Costing and identifying levers of negotiation
*Reduce material cost through proper negotiations

Get your coal even during...
*Coal price volatility, shortage and unavailability
*Low dependability or rejection due to quality issues
*Supplier backouts

Our comprehensive offerings to the buyer network CoalDunia offers a complete procurement solution to its clients. As a seller you you can depend upon efficient sales and payment management. From procurement to sales to delivery, we cover it all. Our comprehensive offerings makes us one of leaders in the coal supply chain. Our network of coal suppliers provides the highest quality of coal from North East India.

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